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What if you could live your life full of passion, no longer dictated by fear? How would it feel to live a life free of burdens, guilt and concern about what others think? What if your natural way of living was feeling abundant and joyful no matter what the challenges? It's possible. It takes focus and practice and I can show you how.

You Can Live an Awesome Life!

I'm Landria Onkka and like you, all I've ever wanted was to live a peaceful, abundant and fulfilled life. Isn't that what we all want? So why is it seemingly so difficult to find it? I have always been a bit 'different.' I wanted things in life just like everyone, but instead of dreaming about them, I went after them and very often achieved those goals. I've spent a lifetime going after things others never dared to and it's paid off. 

I was a writer on Capitol Hill, earned multiple scholarships including one in Germany where I lived and worked. I became an NBA Pro cheerleader and a Pro soccer cheerleader. I've worked with pro athletes and with big name entertainers. I spent 25 years as an investment banker and owned businesses only to eventually quit and become an award winning, best selling author. My first book was turned into a television movie. I decided to become an Internet entrepreneur which resulted in a popular YouTube Channel that helps to change peoples' lives. The story continues.

Now I'm here, looking to make a big difference on this planet loaded with humans who struggle to live happy lives. Along my journey, I've come to terms with challenges and what all of 'this' means and I want to share my secrets with you. You see, you too can go after the seemingly impossible and triumph. You can live without fear, worrying about money and waking up at 3am sweating. You can live a life fulfilled and be at peace on this challenging planet. You wield unlimited powers and it's time to use them. Let's uncover those powers as I lead you through the various ways to change all of those things you dislike about your life, and bring what you desire into your reality. Shall we begin?

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