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Landria Onkka

Award Winning Author of Best Seller and Television Movie (2016)

The Rooftop Christmas Tree

Professional Writer, Spiritual Mentor and Internet Entrepreneur

Live Fearlessly and Live the Life YOU Love!

How did I go from Investment Banking to Professional Writer with awards and a movie deal on my FIRST book? I had a strategy! I knew what agents and producers liked, what was trending, what sells, and what investors want to financially back.  Everything that generates income is a business and I spent 20 years working on hundreds of them. My specialty was in entertainment, so I was privileged to work on some important and notable projects from television series, to movies both big screen and television, Broadway plays, and touring events. I haven’t met an artist yet that didn’t want to make a lot of money sharing their craft. The problem usually stemmed from the fact that most of them had no business experience or interest in learning business practices. This is why so many professional athletes (another big sector of my client base) are broke. Film, publishing, music, events, are all tricky and even the best strategy doesn’t guarantee financial success. However, if you truly want to earn a good living with your talent, you’ll need an education and a strategy. Sometimes that means going to someone else who has that experience who can get you there. That is, unless you prefer the School of Hard Knocks and my guess is that you don’t.

I am often asked how I manage to live such an exciting life and my answer to that is that I “Just Do It!” Anyone can live an exciting life.  I don’t over think things and even when I’m petrified, I plunge into fearful situations regardless. I often seem to achieve the impossible. My secret? First of all, I go after things that I desire regardless of the odds while others convince themselves that they can’t possibly achieve the impossible so they never try. My core belief is that somewhere deep down I know that I DO have a chance.  Everyone does. We know that belief is the key to manifesting goals which is why I work with clients on their mindset first. Even challenges eventually get you to where you want to be. You’ll always learn something valuable along the way. It’s what makes life so darned painful, and exhilarating at the same time. There are no failures. Listen to my interview on Voice Of America.

I illustrated, wrote books and won awards as early as age 10 with The Young Authors Award a State wide honor. While I was at a University accepting my award, my teacher, Mrs. Dill told my classmates that they were in the presence of a famous writer.  Did she know, or did she plant the seed that helped me to believe?  Words are powerful. Remember that, because your words can change someone’s life and your own.

I was a professional cheerleader (NBA and Pro Soccer), a writer on Capitol Hill, a business owner from age 19, traveled extensively, lived and worked overseas, taught myself German and earned several scholarships, then ended up as an investment banker.  I worked with the rich and famous, professional athletes, on big real estate projects, startup companies, franchises, Broadway plays, screenplays and movie deals. I flew on private jets, met celebrities, and funded some well known projects with names you’d know. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and met some awesome people, and some real crooks too.

After years of stress, and long hours, the excitement wore off and I came to the realization that I didn’t love my career. But changing careers after 20 years isn’t an easy task. Be careful of what you ask for, because the Universe is listening!  Both my parents died within a short period  and I was in charge of handling the estate details. It was an overwhelming task that required my attention daily. I had no choice but to halt my own work, but something happened.  I didn’t miss my career and I knew that this was my opportunity to make a big change. I took it. I finished writing a book that had been sitting around for 2 years and published it in four months. I got a interior design degree, something I’ve always loved, and started designing homes. Somehow, everything just worked out! And my life changed.

I made my publisher’s best seller list, won two awards and got the story optioned for a movie. Within a few months, I got the call from my agent with the news that we were ‘green lit” (a term indicating that the option was triggered and the movie would be filmed). All within one year with a first try – an unusual achievement, my agent told me.  It was then that I realized that I was now a professional writer doing what I love every day! The long hours I put in now, are ones that I look forward to.  With my combined expertise on the business side of entertainment, my connections, and now my success as a writer, I can now consult others on how to maximize their success. Follow me on LinkedIn.

Critical to every business is marketing and anyone not knowledgeable in how to utilize the Internet needs to consider getting some training. I had no Internet experience and it was the last important piece required to assure success in any business I pursued. So, I took courses on digital marketing (you can check that out here) and became so proficient that I can actually build websites, advertise anywhere online (it gets tricky), and understand the many rules and regulations now in place. It’s never too late to change your life, to shake up things and go after your dreams. There are no excuses. Not age, or education, or money, or your bad breaks as a kid. Only you decide how your life story plays out.

The Rooftop Christmas Tree” was my very first book and a success. “A Bell for Christmas,” “Primal Instinct,” “Wooden Mistletoe,” and “The Bag Collector” will soon be released and I’m just getting started. One of my goals is to help others to live their dream lives. If there is something you want to tell the world, nothing can stop you. With self-publishing, independent films, and the Internet, the options are limitless.  I hope that I can use my lifetime of successes and challenges to accelerate your goals. I invite you to thoroughly check out this site and if you are ready to learn, sign up for my FREE Newsletter and Subscribe to receive the details of my services. Feel free to contact me with questions and let me know how I can help you. I’m here to make a difference!



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