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Live and Online Courses For 2018

Wouldn't it be great to live unencumbered of thoughts of lack, worry, guilt, and constant fear of what the future holds?

This Live Event and Online course takes you through five critical steps to assist you in breaking through the root of all limitations - FEAR.

You will learn what is at the core of fear, how it has no real use in our world today, and how to master it. By breaking through fear, you open up the gateways to peace, joy, abundance, and health in all areas of your life.

This course includes an eBook, video and audio instructions, along with guided meditation downloads you can listen to over and over again whenever you need that reminder of what a beautiful light being you are and what power you truly wield.

Live Event attendees will receive the online version included in their ticket price!


​​What is One Big Thing? Whatever you believe would change your life in a BIG way. It's the one thing that, if you had now, would change everything for you. But, choose wisely. We are going to find out what that One Big Thing is and why you don't have it in your life. We'll remove the barriers to your manifesting it in your reality and One Big Thing will become a way of life for you.

During your 8 Week Online Course, you will be pushed to open up your beliefs and your powers to manifest what you truly desire. You will be given multiple exercises in which we explore your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. We will then examine each layer and show you why your One Big Thing hasn't shifted into this reality.

Of course, our final steps are to teach you how your One Big Thing will no longer be what you desire, but what you experience in your life. It will no longer be the object of your manifesting focus, but what comes easily to you.


This online course is for advanced students who have completed Breaking Through Fear and One Big Thing live or online courses. Life in the Vast Lane takes you to expansive places that you may have not known existed. It teaches you how to connect to the highest frequencies and tap into knowledge and creativity in an accelerated manner.

Living life in the vast lane is miraculous, exciting, and often unexplainable. It takes us into the world of unlimited powers where anything is possible and we are no longer surprised at the seemingly impossible events and occurrences that begin to appear when we live life in the vast lane.

Once you master fear and bringing your desires into reality, you are ready to become the unlimited light being that you always were, but had not recognized until now.

Get ready to be amazed, to be amazing, and to amaze the world!


Cruises, wine tastings, and dude ranches just to name a few of the upcoming live events we have planned for 2018!


Stay tuned for global speaking events and classes


If you can't join me live and in person, join me from the ease of your laptop via online courses and live webinars!