The Rooftop Christmas Tree


That is Actor, Tim Reid in one of the lead roles on the set of “The Rooftop Christmas Tree” – CLICK HERE for the schedule and Trailer for “The Rooftop Christmas Tree” on UP TV November 27, 29, and 30th.  


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A Family Story Everyone Will Love    Inspired by a true story, this Christmas romance ends with a miracle you will never forget. No one in the small southern town of Rosedale knows why reclusive Mr. Landis places a lit Christmas tree on the roof of his deteriorating home. But, he has hauled it up there for as long as anyone can remember, landing him in Judge Conner’s courtroom every year and earning jail time just in time for Christmas. Having grown up on his street, defense attorney Sarah Wright remembers the troubled household and reaches out to help the man, but he refuses. When former best friend and law school mate, John Rivera reappears in Rosedale after a long and mysterious absence, things get interesting. Refusing to admit romantic feelings for him or to forgive him for his unexplained departure, the two are at odds until Judge Conner takes matters into his own hands. With only a few days until Christmas, the Judge imposes the task of rectifying the Landis case for good. Their deadline is Christmas Day, an impossible feat that pushes them to the limits. Forced to pull their resources together, the young attorneys must set differences aside and soon discover that not all is as it seems in their world or their troubled Mr. Landis’s. Inspired by a true story, the life changing and shocking ending is a testament to unwavering faith, hope, romance, and miracles . . . just in time for Christmas. 

A 2016 Television Movie, December 1st Release on UP Entertainment Network Worldwide, Directed by David Winning and Produced by Oliver De Caigny 

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An Outskirts Press Best Seller

Hollywood Book Fest First Place Winner in Fiction and Grand Prize Overall Winner, All Categories

Top Honors Southwest Book Festival

Five Star Reviews on Amazon and Independent Reviewers

New England Book Fest Awards Top 20

Approved by the Christian Coalition Network

Available worldwide on and other sellers, including Barnes and Noble, in Book, eBook and Kindle format

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Landria Onkka spent over 20 years in the world of high finance and investment banking from Wall Street to Vegas on projects from manufacturing to her specialty, entertainment. Her clients included the super wealthy, private equity funds, celebrities and professional athletes, a contact base she continues to maintain today. But her true love is writing and after 20 years, it was time to pursue her passion.

Well versed in the business side of entertainment, Landria set out to write for a specific target, and achieved her goals. Her first book received two awards, was a best seller for Outskirts Press, got optioned for a movie and greenlit, filmed in Ottowa, Canada by award winning Director and Producer, David Winning  –  all in less than a year.

The Rooftop Christmas Tree” will air on UP Entertainment television worldwide on December 1, 2016. With more books and movies soon to be released, she consults other aspiring authors on how to write commercially appealing stories, master the business side of books and movies, and create lucrative businesses with their craft.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, more information on Landria can be found on,, and  LinkedIn.

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