Top Writers, What Does It Take?

By Landria | Blogs for Writers

Feb 19

What does it take to achieve your dreams?  An unshakable belief that you can and will achieve them. How do you get the guts and fortitude to change your life, to forge ahead even through challenges that make you want to quit? It’s important to get your mindset in check because if you have any cracks in your foundation, it will collapse at the first onset of an earthquake. The super achievers are still standing when the dust clears while others run when the going gets tough. Everyone is a happy camper when all is well, but it’s the super achievers that stay the course through the worst of times, through the doubt, and the disappointments. Is that you? I think it is.

Even the Super Achievers need a boost now and then. No one lives a life without doubts creeping in once in a while. No one should ‘go it alone,’ and it’s important to seek support even if it comes from books and videos on You Tube. It may be one person telling you one thing that resonates with you that gets you back on track. For instance, I think it’s safe to say that we all worry about ‘stuff.’ If we’re not careful, it can consume us. I heard one comment on a You Tube video recently that shook me out of a haze. For every time you find yourself worrying, switch to ‘what is a solution.’ Are you afraid no one will like your stories or they just won’t make a mark? Or do you fear you’ll never find financial success? How can you assure that won’t happen? Your time is much better off being used in constructive than destructive ways. Focus on how you can make it work and what you can do to further your goals.

So, start training your mind. Having ‘what it takes’ is the person who continually seeks to become better, works through challenges and learns, always shooting for their dreams. When you refuse to quit, always believing in the seemingly impossible, never wavering from your path, then YOU DO have what it takes. So, tell yourself right now that you are going to achieve your dreams, no matter what obstacles show up. No successful person escapes disappointments along the way. Use them, jump over hurdles, or crawl under them if you have to, but get through and never, never quit. You can do it! Now go learn, write, network, market, and achieve your dreams! Best, Landria


About the Author

Landria Onkka is an award winning author of the best seller and movie, "The Rooftop Christmas Tree." She spent 20 years as an investment banker specializing in private equity and entertainment and knows both the business and artistic sides of writing and entertainment. She is now a professional writer producing books and movies, and consultants others seeking success in writing and entertainment.