“A Bell for Christmas” Hits the Stands!

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Jun 08

Maybe not the stands, but certainly the global marketplace including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The sequel to “The Rooftop Christmas Tree,” “A Bell for Christmas” takes readers back to Rosedale where attorneys John and Sarah are hot on another town mystery. This time it’s old lady Bell and her dog Emma who are at the heart of a town legend that gets the spotlight. Soft hearted Sarah likes to save the world and this time it leads her down a very deep rabbit hole that she didn’t expect. The elusive Judge Joe can no longer hide the secrets of his past, but how do they connect to old lady Bell? We soon find out in this romance mystery set, once again, around the holiday season.

I realized when my production company asked for ‘first right’ on the sequel that these were characters that we could all know and love ongoing. Sarah, who rescues animals and people, John who provides the level headed decision-making, their friend Judge Joe who appears to be more like Santa Claus than the town Judge, all have their own stories and frailties. There are more Rosedale stories coming and who knows, perhaps a television series. For now, I look forward to announcing who will be producing “A Bell for Christmas” as an upcoming television movie. Hopefully, it will be the same great team that filmed “The Rooftop Christmas Tree.”

On another note, like my character Sarah, I want to give back. For every book sold, I am donating to animal rescue organizations. They will be registering on my site, so if you know of one that could benefit, send them to this link to sign up.  I look forward to many more announcements on upcoming books and movies. If you are interested in writing, sign up for my free Mini-course on this site for my tips and advice on publishing and selling to the film industry! Find the Kindle Version HERE, the Nook Version HERE, and discount books from my publisher HERE.  Best, Landria


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Landria Onkka is an award winning author of the best seller and movie, "The Rooftop Christmas Tree." She spent 20 years as an investment banker specializing in private equity and entertainment and knows both the business and artistic sides of writing and entertainment. She is now a professional writer producing books and movies, and consultants others seeking success in writing and entertainment.